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Success Factors is a worldwide cloud-based business execution software provider, and a part of the powerful SAP productivity suite. The tool allows for collaboration, on-boarding, and a variety of social business tools. It is also has a built-in LMS tool as well as robust HR functionalities that tackle talent management, recruitment, and applicant tracking.

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  • Introduction to Success Factors Products
  • Instance, Provisioning Systems Explanation
  • Technical Architecture
  • Integration Technology/Tools
  • Bizxpert Methodology-Implementation Methodology
  • Basic company settings in provisioning system
  • Creating administrators in Provisioning System
  • Creating administrators in Instance
  • Instance basic settings-password, home page, welcome menu, comp info.
  • Administrator tools
  • Managing To Do list
  • Manage V12 Home page-Success factors home page customisation
  • Theme manager-customisation organisation themes
  • Admin tools 2.0 and the old admin over view
  • Success factors revolution UI
  • Commonly used terms
  • Default user permissions
  • Admin privileges
  • Proxy Management
  • Setting up company records
  • Manage data user records
  • Employee data file
  • Permissions
  • Password policies
  • Email notification customisation
  • Text customisation in instance
  • People search
  • Rating scales
  • Route maps (workflow)
  • Launching forms
  • Modifying existing form route map steps by administrator
  • Job families & Roles
  • Competencies
  • Employee profile
  • Customising employee profile (Layout configuration)
  • XML and data models
  • Custom fields creation in the data models
  • Interfaces between SAP & success factors (Data extraction)
  • Pick list management
  • Jobs scheduling & Execution of jobs in Success factors
  • Success factors language packs
  • Resetting user accounts or passwords
  • User groups creation

Analytics and Reporting

  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Activation of work force analytics module in provisioning system
  • Introduction to dash boards
  • Set up process dashboards
  • Dash boards2.0
  • Configuring dashboard & display them on home page
  • Create interactive dashboards
  • Report Centre
  • Manage report permissions
  • List view report
  • Spotlight view reports
  • Spread sheet reports
  • Classic reports
  • Adhoc report Builder
  • Custom reports creation
  • Sharing reports
  • Single domain reports
  • Cross domain reports
  • Multi data set reports
  • Online report designer

Success Factors Bizx Mobile

  • Integrating SAP Success factors with mobile device
  • Employee central on biz mobile
  • Time off on Bizx mobile
  • Manage mobile users
  • Enable mobile features

Goals & Performance Management

  • Goal Management
  • Provisioning settings for goal &performance mgnt modules
  • Goal Execution
  • Overview of job families and job roles
  • Form templates
  • Goal plan layout
  • Group goals over view
  • Understanding Goal ID, GUID , and sub GUID
  • Goal wizard option
  • My Goals view
  • Importing & Exporting  goal plan template
  • Stack ranker configuration
  • Mass import of Goals
  • Integrating goal and performance templates (Xml templates)
  • Performance management v12
  • Performance management configuration steps:
  1. Configuration the route map
  2. Creating a rating scale
  3. Managing templates
  4. Adding a new template from success factors
  5. Creating new template from Xml file
  6. Performance Management template configuration
  7. Launching PM forms

Compensation Mastery

  • Compensation Management introduction
  • Compensation mastery Prework
  • 14 step recommended implementation process for comp mastery
  • Setup provisioning for compensation
  • Compensation mastery salary sheet management
  • Work sheet designer
  • Column designer
  • Setup look UP tables
  • Setup salary pay Matrix
  • Current conversion setup
  • Setup job code and pay grade mapping tables
  • Compensation eligibility
  • Compensation guidelines
  • Job selector
  • Assigning route maps to compensation template
  • Multi-dimensional matrix for guidelines
  • Compensation program budget
  • Budget rules
  • Cascading budgets
  • Setup salary proration
  • Creative compensation user data import and export of user data
  • Executive review
  • Multi-currency review
  • Bonus sheet
  • Bonus guidelines
  • Bonus rules
  • Stock option
  • Rating sources
  • Compensation reporting (roll up reports, aggregate Exports etc..)
  • Create/Delete and update Compensation work sheets
  • Compensation statement templates
  • Compensation statement
  • Recall Compensation statement
  • Admin maintenance
  • Setting Email notification
  • Employee dynamic grouping
  • Compensation Reports (roll up Reports, Aggregate reports etc..)
  • EC integration
  • Compensation group Mgmt
  • Final exercise/case study

Employee Central, Time &Payroll

  • Introduction to EC
  • Basic provisioning setup
  • Recommended 14-step Implementation sequence for EC implementation
  • EC Navigation
  • Setup super administrator account and managing authorisation
  • Data models and DTDs
  • Employee central structure
  • Data model management
  • Setting up corporate data model
  • Setting up succession data model
  • Setting up country specific data model
  • Setting up country specific succession data model
  • Enable business configuration UI (BCUI) in provisioning
  • Business configuration UI to maintain succession data model
  • Enable employee central and RBP
  • Configuring name format
  • Update employee details
  • ESS/MSS functionality
  • Understanding security
  • Managing security with role based permission
  • EC as a system of record
  • EC customising and populating basic foundation data
  • Customising country specific files in foundation tables
  • Creating and modifying associations
  • Propagation (creating propagation rules)
  • Importing users data into employee central system
  • Customisation &creation of company, department, division, business unit, location etc…
  • Event Reasons/Event reason derivation rules
  • Workflow derivation rules
  • Mass changes
  • Customising employee files
  • Position management
  • Employee central workflow configuration and approval process
  • Employee central reporting
  • Online reporting designer
  • EC payroll integration
  • MDF-meta data frame work
  • MDF objects creation
  • Employee central time off
  • Time types, time profiles, works schedule,holiday calendar creation
  • Time account management
  • Accruals, accrual rules, prorating accrual, period end processing
  • Time integration with payroll
  • Leave of absence
  • Global employment
  • Importing initial balances& leave request
  • Generic objects and configuration of generic objects
  • Customer specific foundation objects
  • Business rules setup
  • Activating payroll integration
  • Setting payroll configuration
  • Defining Payscale groups. Payscale levels, payscale mass changes
  • Payment information
  • Data replicator monitor
  • Payroll control Center
  • Maintaining users in employee central payroll
  • Defining payroll basic pay
  • Defining setting in work schedules, absence and employee remuneration information
  • Search of inactive employee/users
  • Rehire inactive employee
  • Case study /Exercise

Instance Synchronisation Tool (Migration Tool)

  • Activating instance synchronisation tool in provisioning system
  • Different object supporting by instance sync tool
  • Company permission
  • Two way synchronisation configuration
  • Multiple targets configuration
  • Instance sync tool monitor.



























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