Solution Manager 7.2

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1.Solution manager 7.2 SPS 5 Installation

  1. stack file generation for ABAP & JAVA stack from maintenance planner
  2. Sol man 7.2 SPS5 ABAP stack installation & JAVA stack installation
  3. Post installation steps
  4. Sol man 7.2 SPS5 JAVA stack installation
  5. Post installation steps
  6. Correction notes for sol man 7.2 SPS05
  7. SLD configuration
  8. Install the Diagnostic agent 7.45
  9. Solution Administration
  10. Overview of Apps present in sol man Java

2.LMDB configuration

  1. sap solution manager administration: Landscape management
  2. Sap solution manager work center

3.Solution manager Technical administration: IT task management & Technical       administration

4.Guided procedures for managed systems setup complete overview

5.Alert inbox configuration in solution manager

6.Solution Documentation

SAP Solution Manager configuration: Business process operations

Basic BPO Configuration

Job Management

Project management

7.Business Process Analytics configuration complete overview

8.Business process Improvement Configuration for a scenario

9.Solution Document & Alert repoting dashboards

10.Object administration Business process monitoring

11.Sol man configuration: Basic BPO configuration, cross scenario configuration, Job management

12.Change management & Configuration steps

13.Change control management & Administration Cockpit

14.Sap S/4hana readiness check steps from sol man

15.Root cause analysis

16.Change & Release management: Business role scenario configuration

17.Data volume Management configuration & Data Aging

18.Various Configuration of solman_setup

19.Process management

20.Service order Analysis configuration & explanation


21.Release dashboard explanation

22.ITSM incident creation & test suite

23.Test preparation






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