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Transport management system,  is a platform that’s designed to streamline the shipping process. It is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation solutions. A TMS allows shippers to automate the processes they have in place and receive valuable insights to save time and reduce spend on future shipments.




Introduction to Transportation Management

  • Introduction to SAP TM
  • TM 9.1 Focus
  • Limitation of LE-TRA
  • NWBC and SAP GUI
  • TM Landscape and Architecture
  • TM Processes and Scenarios
  • SAP TM End to End – Standard Process Flow ( theory only)
  • FTL V/s LTL ( theory only)
  • Truck Load V/s Inter modal ( theory only)
  • Single pick single Drop V/s Multi Pick Multi Drop Scenarios ( theory only)

Master Data Core Interface

  • Generate and Activate Integration Models
  • Repeat Generation and Activation of IMs
  • Change Transfer – Online
  • CIF Customers, Vendors, Carriers, Plant, Shipping Point, Materials
  • Hands-on Exercise

Organisational Units in SAP TM

  • Enterprise Structure in SAP ECC
  • Enterprise Structure in SAP TM
  • Business Partner Creation for TM Org Units
  • Assignment of Business Partners and Org Units
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Relevant Master data in SAP TM

  • Means and Mode of Transport
  • Location Master
  • Transportation Lanes
  • Transportation Zones
  • Vehicle Resource
  • Hands-on Exercise

ECC Sales Order Integration

  • Relevant Business Functions
  • Config Behind Sales Order Integration
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • Understanding XML Message for analysis and errors
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Requests in SAP TM

  • Personal Object Work Lists
  • Transportation Request Types
  • Understanding Order Based Transportation Requirement
  • OTR Type Determination
  • OTR Type Control Data
  • Hands-on Exercise

Freight Units in SAP TM

  • Freight Unit Building Rule – Strategies
  • FU Type Control Data
  • Hands-on Exercise

Conditions in SAP TM

  • Condition Types
  • Data Access Definitions
  • Relationship between Condition type and data access definition
  • Create Condition using “BRF Plus Decision Table” Technique
  • Hands-on Exercise

Incompatibilities in SAP TM

  • Incompatibility Condition ( theory)
  • Incompatibility Definition
  • Incompatibility Setting
  • Incompatibilities in Freight Units Building – one example
  • Hands-on Exercise

ECC Outbound Delivery Integration

  • Relevant Business Functions
  • Config Behind Outbound Delivery Integration
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • DTR Type Determination
  • Impact of DTR FU on OTR FU
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Planning

  • Understanding Transportation Cockpit
  • Selection and Planning Profiles
  • Planning in SAP TM
  • Hands-on Exercise

Freight Order Management

  • Freight Order and freight booking Types
  • Understanding SAP TM Freight Order and freight booking
  • Freight Order/freight booking  in scenario and Impact on TM process
  • Hands-on Exercise

Charge Calculation in SAP TM

  • Freight Agreements
  • Transportation Charge Calculation Sheets
  • Rate Tables
  • Scales
  • Scale Base and Calculation Base
  • Agreement Types
  • Charge Category, Subcategory and Charge Types
  • Use of Templates
  • Charge Calculation Profiles
  • Hands-on Exercise

Forwarding order management for LSP scenario

  • Overview and methods of creating FWO
  • Movement type and multi mode stage concept
  • Config behind set up of entire FWO process for LSP scenario

Supplier Freight Invoice Request

  • SFIR – Standard Process
  • Creating the FSD from FO
  • Creating the FSD from POWL
  • Partial FSD
  • Collective FSD
  • Post Accruals in SAP ERP- manual
  • Invoice Verification-manual
  • Configuration Required
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • Hands-on Exercise

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