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Overview and Introduction

  • Introduction to XSA, Architecture and Set up of XSA users with basic roles.
  • Tooling in XSA: Web IDE for IN MEMORY DB, GitHub, XS Admin Cockpit, Database Cockpit, XS command-line tools, and basic navigations.
  • Simple MTA project creation, creating database module, loading data manually into tables.
  • Creating CDS artifacts, loading data into them using flat files.
  • Creation of DDL tables, views as design-time objects using hdbtable files.
  • Understanding of Package.json, HDI config, and YAML files.
  • Basic understanding of IN MEMORY DB services creation and attaching them to Applications.
  • Complete understanding of the build process into the database.
  • Connecting to Database explorer and access SQL console for run-time access of objects

 Getting Started

  • Creation of Calculation views of Dimension and Cube type.
  • Learning the advanced features in CVs available in SP04.
  • Performance optimization of CVs, Union pruning, Joins in the end and Star join, etc.,
  • Data provisioning using SDA Virtual tables, remote source, and Custom user service creation. · SDI Flow Graphs to design the data flow for EDW.


  • HDI container in more detailed, schema-less development, no repository, and private builds. · Access provision to HDI container, non-HDI container and Cross Container scenarios. · Stored procedures and anonymous blocks and Libraries (new 2.0 SP02).
  • Table functions, map merge, and map-reduce logics.
  • Debugging SQL scripts in Web IDE for IN MEMORY DB.


  • XS Odata, XS js developments, basics.
  • Connecting to Database objects using a service.
  • Introduction of Node js and its developments.
  • Debugging xsjs and node.js files.
  • Creating simple applications from TechEd materials.


  • GitHub branching process for source control
  • Organization and Space in Multi-tenant database
  • Deployment process using an xs-CLI tool
  • XS-migration tool in detail, with a checklist.
  • Run the migration from xs classic to advanced
  • Design time IN MEMORY DB security role development
  • XSA user authorizations for analytics and also html applications
  • Cross scenario of using HDI container CV in BW on IN MEMORY DB and S/4 IN MEMORY DB · Introduction to Cloud Foundry in SAP Cloud Platform, IN MEMORY DB as a service · Web IDE full-stack development in SCP, building HDI objects on cloud
  • Cloud Foundry is open source, build and deploy the basic application on CF using cl tools
  • Introduction to New Application programming model On-premise and Cloud
  • Cloud Application Programming Model CAPM – Introduction Only
  • Introduction and best practices for the Migration of XS projects
  • Consuming Cross Schema Data
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