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SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) automates global trade processes and enables you to manage large numbers of business partners and high volumes of documents, while also helping you to comply with changing legal regulations




GTS Overview
GTS Introduction
GTS landscape
Organization Structure
Introduce GTS Services / Legal Regulations
Integration between ECC and GTS

Integration Overview
SAP Modules Overview
Materials Management
Sales and Distribution
Financial Accounting

Compliance Management

 Sanctioned Party List Screening
Partners – Master data transfers and maintenance
Denied parties uploads and manual maintenance
Business Partner Screening such as Customers, Vendors, Banks, Employees, etc Transactions Screening – Sales Orders, Deliveries, Purchase Orders, Inbound Deliveries, etc Periodic Jobs and day-to-day activities for business operations.
Integration with Denied party data providers Standard Reporting

Legal Control – Import / Export Licensing
Material master transfer & maintenance
Setup & Maintain Import/Export Codes (ECCN/ICCN) Setup & Maintain License Types
Maintain License determination rules
Auto License determination and manually license application
Standard Reporting

Customs Management

 Product Classification
Setup and maintain Harmonized Tarrif Codes
Setup & maintain Other Gov. Agcy. Codes
Material Classifications
Maintain OGA Codes (For US Only)

 Import Declarations
Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview
Import: CF3461 Immediate Entry  (US)
Import: Pre-Declaration (ISF), etc. (US) Export Declarations
Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview
AES – Automated Systems Environment (US)
SED/SLI – Manual (US)

Risk Management

 Letter Of Credit Processing
Document Processing
Determination Strategy

Preferrence Processing 
Preference  Rules
Rules of Origin


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