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Qlikview is an Reporting tool which is used for creation of dashboards for analytical purpose.It is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge.



    Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Business Intelligence (BI)
Features of Business Intelligence (BI)
Traditional Business Intelligence(BI)

Data Warehouse Concepts

Concept of Facts and Dimension
Fact table and Dimension table


Star Schema
Snowflake Schema

Starting of QlikView(QV)

Installation of Qlikview
How to start the QlikView (QV)
Script Edit ( Cntrl +E)
Reload (Cntrl +R)
Loading Data from files
Creation of QVD file
Load and Store of QVD file in QlikView(QV)

QVD Files

  •              Purpose
  •              Create QVD files
  •               Reading Data from QVD files

 Joins in Qlikview(QV)

  •             How to use joins in QlikView(QV)
  •             Left, Right, Inner, Outer

 Concept of DSN

What is DSN
How to create the DSN
Loading Data from Database
Loading Data from QVDs

Objects in QlikView(QV)

  •           What is Object
  •           Types of Objects
  •           Properties of Objects
  •           Discussion on List Box object
  •           Discussion on Statistics Box object
  •           Discussion on Multi-Box  object
  •           Discussion on Current Selection Box Object
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