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Oracle HCM is Human Capital Management ERP application which provides solution for HR operations, Talent Management, Workforce Management and Rewards and many other modules. Oracle HCM provides services in Cloud and Business Analytics.






  • Introduction to HCM Extracts Architecture
  • Extracts Terminology: User Entity, Database items etc
  • Different Types of records and data elements
  • How to use fast formula in HCM Extract
  • Delivery Options and BIP Integration
  • Different output format for HCM Extract
  • Development of Extracts
  • Report Creation for Extracts
  • How to Schedule HCM Extracts
  • Maintenance of HCM Extracts

Fast Formulas

  • Fast formula Terminology: Database item
  • Fast Formula Types
  • How to create a fast formulas in detail

Personalizations & Cloud Customizations

  • Customization Architecture
  • Customization Overview
  • Customization Terminology
  • Sample Customization
  • Introduction to Personalizations
  • Working on Sandbox Concept
  • Page customizations and page editing
  • Adding new icons on the employee home page
  • Customizations roll back
  • Migrating Customizations

Third Party Integrations

  • Overview on inbound & Outbound interfaces
  • Different options available for third party integrations

HCM Approvals & Workflows

  • Introduction to HCM Workflow Architecture & Approval Management
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Approvals Setup and Maintenance
  • Workflow Terminology
  • Type of approvers
  • Types of Hierarchy
  • Creating Approval Rules & Testing Approvals
  • Oracle BPM Worklist

Data Conversions/Data Migration & Loaders

  • Data migration Architecture
  • Data migration Terminology
  • Different type of data load tool
  • How to migrate data using data loaders
  • Comparison between different data loaders
  • Introduction to spreadsheet Loaders
  • Examples of Spreadsheet Loader
  • Introduction to HCM Data Loader(HDL)
  • Understanding HDL Data Flow
  • Supported Key Types
  • Object References
  • Key Resolution Sequence
  • Fusion HCM Business Object Structure
  • Zip File Structure
  • Data File Structure
  • File Line Instruction Tags
  • File Discriminators
  • Line Structuring
  • Line Ordering
  • Preparing and Validating Source Data
  • Generating and modifying Templates
  • Handling Flexfields
  • Reviewing Enterprise settings
  • Data Migration Examples by HDL-Work Structure(Job, Grade, Location, Department, Org Tree)
  • Introduction to Payroll Batch Loader
  • Payroll Batch Loader examples



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