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Security and Authorizations introduction

Introducing SAP HANA

SAP HANA Repository

Introducing SAP HANA Repository

SAP HANA Authorizations

Explaining Authorization in SAP HANA

Describing Roles

Assigning Privileges and Roles to Users

Understanding Object Ownership

Understanding Privileges

Viewing Information about Users and Authorizations

Security Requirements and Solutions

Understanding Authentication and Single Sign-On

Understanding Multitenant Database Containers

Describing Encryption

Outlining SAP GRC Integration for Governance Risk and Compliance

Understanding SAP Net weaver Identity Management Integration

Describing SAP HANA Extended Application Services Security and  Application Privileges

Describing SAP HANA Extended Application Services.

Advanced Model Security

Authorization Trace and Auditing

Setting up and Analyzing an Authorization Traces

Using Audit Logging

Integrative Authorization Scenarios

Outlining Security Scenarios

Understanding SAP BW Models in SAP HANA

Understanding Authentication Options and User Management Implications for the Integration of SAP Business Object BI 4.X and SAP HANA

Describing SAP HANA with ERP or S/4HANA and the Analytics Authorization Assistant

SAP HANA Cloud Solutions (Optional)

Understanding the Security Architecture of SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Explaining the Security Aspects of SAP HANA Enterprise




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