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Scala is an acronym for “Scalable Language”. It is a general-purpose programming language designed for the programmers who want to write programs in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. Scala enables programmers to be more productive. Scala is developed as an object-oriented and functional programming language




  • Traditional system Vs Hadoop system HDFS and Yarn
  • why spark ? introduction ToRDD
  • Loading Data to SPARK Using Text file and collect API_Itemwisecount &ReducedByKey Transformation
  • Spark Architecture_DAG stages Tasks driver Excutor
  • Yarn_client_yarn_cluster_error handiling_accumulator
  • shuffle JOIN_BroadCast Join
  • mapPartition HashPartition CustomPartition_ Fileformats TextInputFormat
  • Sequence file and Avro File
  • reduce, fold, foldLeft, aggregateByKey
  • Spark SQL Introduction_ Datasource_ Dataframes_ Loding csv file
  • Reading Json, xml files_ JsonInputFormat_ MultilineJsonInputFormat
  • Simple Queries_ Join_ Nested Queries
  • Simple queries _ Joins using Dataframe APIs_ Broadcast Join_ CustomProcess using Udf and transform API_ Rename individual column _ all columns
  • Window operation – moving avg,cumulative sum,previous visit _ rank_ updated records
  • Spark integration with Hive_ Hive Architecture_ Read and Write operation on Hive Table using Spark_ Sessionization example
  • orc and parquet file format



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