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Big Data Introduction

Azure Data Factory Introduction

Important Concepts in  Azure Data Factory

Create Azure Free Account For Azure Data Factory

Integration Runtime In Azure Data Factory _ Azure IR _ Self-Hosted IR

Create Your First Azure Data Factory

Create Your First Pipeline in Azure Data Factory

Copy Multiple Files from Blob to Blob in Azure Data Factory

Filter Activity in Azure Data Factory _ Dynamic Copy in Azure Data Factory

Get File Names From Folder Dynamically in Azure Data Factory _ JSON to CSV

Copy Activity Behavior in Azure Data Factory

Copy Activity Performance Tuning In Azure Data Factory

Get Count Of Files From Folder in Azure Data Factory

Validate Copied Data Between Source and Sink in Azure Data Factory

Azure SQL Databases Introduction Relational Databases in Azure

Creating Your First Azure SQL Database Deployment Models Purchasing Models

Overwrite And Append Modes In Copy Activity in Azure Data Factory

Copy Data from Azure SQL Database to BLOB in Azure Data Factory

Copy multiple tables in Bulk with Lookup _ ForEach in Azure data Factory

Log Pipeline Executions to SQL Table using Azure Data Factory

Custom Email Notifications Send Error Notification using Logic Apps

Use Foreach Loop Activity To Copy Multiple Tables – Step By Step Explanation

Incremental Load Or Delta Load From SQL To Blob Storage In Azure Data Factory

Multi-Table Incremental Load or Delta Load from SQL To Blob Storage in ADF

Incrementally Copy New and Changed Files Based on Last Modified Date in ADF

Azure Key Vault, Secure Secrets, Keys Certificates in Azure Data Factory

Event-Based Trigger in Azure Data Factory Triggers in Azure Data Factory

Tumbling Window Trigger Dependency Parameters in Azure Data Factory

Schedule Trigger in Azure Data Factory Triggers in Azure Data Factory

Copying on Premises Data Using Azure Self Hosted Integration Runtime

Load Data From on Premise SQL Server to Azure SQL DB in Azure Data Factory

Copy Data From Premise to Azure SQL DW with Polybase _ with Bulk Insert

Copy Data From on – Premise File System 2 ADLS Gen2 Install Self Hosted IR

Loop Through REST API  Copy Data to ADLS Gen2 Linked Service Parameters

Copying Data From Salesforce to ADLS Gen2 Using ForEach & Copy In ADF V2

Migrate AWS S3 Buckets to ADLS Gen2 Using ADF (V2) Copy Data AWS to Azure

Switch Activity in Azure Data Factory _ Copy, Move, and Delete Data in ADLS

Until Activity in Azure Data Factory _ Parameters _ Variables in ADF

Copy Recent File from Blob Input Folder to Blob Output Folder without LPV

Copy Data from Azure Snowflake to ADLS Gen2& ADLS Gen2 to Snowflake in ADF

Copy Data from Azure SQLDB to CosmosDB _ Copy Data from Blob to CosmosDB

Nested ForEach in ADF Pass Parameters From Master to Child Pipeline

High Availability of Self Hosted IR & Sharing Self – Hosted IR with other ADF

Azure Data Flows Introduction Setup Integration Runtime for Data Flows

Azure Data Flows Basics of SQL Joins for Azure Data Flows

Aggregations and Derived Column Transformation

Joins in Azure DataFlows

Advanced Join Transformations with Filter Transformations and Conditional Split

Restart Data Processing From Failure

Remove Duplicate Rows Store Summary Credit Stats Azure Data Flows

Difference between Join vs. Lookup Transformation & Merge Functionality

Slowly Changing Dimension Type1 (SCD1) with Hash key Function

Slowly Changing Dimension Type1 (SCD1) with SurrogateKey Transformation

Slowly Changing Dimension Type2 (SCD2)

Flatten Transformation and Rank, Dense _ Rank Transformations in Data Flows

Data Flows Performance Metrics and Data Flow Parameters

How to Use Pivot and Unpivot Transformations

Data Quality Checks and Logging Using Data Flows

Python Introduction, Identifiers, and Keywords

Python Basics and Data Types

Python Functions, Arguments, and Lambda Functions

Python Modules and Packages

Spark Architecture and Spark SQL

Spark SQL – Create DataFrame from Different Files and Basics

Databricks Integration with Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Gen1, and Azure Data Lake Gen2

Databricks Integration with Azure SQLDB and Azure SQL DW

Spark SQL Joins and Functions

Azure HDInsight with Spark Cluster

Azure Data Factory Integration with Azure DataBricks

Azure Data Lake Analytics integration with Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory project-1

Azure Data Factory V2 project-2

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Data Factory cicd Pipeline

BI Master Program Interview Question and Answers

azure functions integrations with azure data factory.


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