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Cloud computing concepts

  • Cloud History
  • Cloud Types
  • Cloud Services Available
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing

Azure Overview

  • Azure History
  • Azure Services and Market Place
  • Azure Regions, Geos and Zones

Azure Virtual Machines

  • Create and Configure Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Settings
  • Creation of Custom Images and deploying Virtual Machine with Custom Images
  • Configure Disks
  • Monitoring VMs

Azure Network Services

  • Azure Virtual Networks and Subnets
  • Vnet Peering and Routing
  • Network Security Groups

Azure Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Availability Sets, Fault and update Domains
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Azure Network Services

  • Azure Load balancer
  • Traffic Manager, Point to Site
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Express Routes (only theory)

Azure storage

  • Storage Accounts and Storage Types
  • Blobs, Files, Tables and Queues
  • Managed vs Unmanaged Storage

Azure Power shell and Azure CU

  • Creating Azure VMs by using the Azure portal, Azure power shell
  • Validating Azure VM deployment

Azure Resources Manager Templates

  • Using Visual Studio and an Azure Resource Manager template

Azure Backup and Recovery

  • Backup
  • Site Recovery
  • Migrations





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