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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It provides a mix of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.



Amazon Web Services (AWS)  TOPICS LIST

Module 1:

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to AWS & Azure Cloud computing

Understanding Differences between On-premises and Cloud architecture

Understanding AWS Regions & Availability Zones

Understanding IP Addressing & Subnetting

Understanding Shared Infra Structure and Isolation in AWS Cloud

Module 2:

What is a VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)

VPC Architecture and Internal working of VPC

Design and Deploy Virtual Private Cloud

Create Subnets, Internet gateway, Routing, Security Groups and Deploy EC2 machine with Key Pair

Module 3:

What is VPC peering

Single & Multi-Region VPC  peering

Configure Intra VPC and Inter-VPC peering

Real time use cases of AWS VPC Peering

Problems with VPC Peering and Solutions

Module 4:

What is Network Address Translation?

configuring a NAT Gateway

Securing inbound connectivity with NAT Gateway

Understanding VPC Endpoints

Testing the use case with VPC End Points

Module 5:

How to Monitor & Securing VPC Traffic?

What is a Security Group(SG)?

What is Network Access Control List (NACL)?

Differentiate SG vs NACL?

Testing Security Group & NACL

Module 6:

Overview of VPN  Connectivity between AWS and On-Prem DC?

What is a Virtual Private Gateway(VPG)?

Creating a Virtual Private Gateway and establish VPN Connection?

Testing the VPN Connectivity between On-Premises and  AWS on private networks

introduction on Software Open VPN

Configuring Open VPN

Module 7:

Discussing VPC Peering Issues

what is a Transit Gateway?

Configuring Transit Gateway

Connecting multiple VPC using transit Gateway

Module 8:

Introduction to EC2 Instances and deployment Options

EC2 Metadata, Variable Creation and AMI Creation

EC2 Launch Templates, Spot Instances & Reservations

Introduction to Elastic block Storage(EBS) and Instance Store

Creating and configuration EBS Storage

Understanding AWS Snapshots

Performing EBS backup using Snapshots and life cycle Manager

Module 9:

Introduction to Application & Network Load Balancer

Difference between Targets Groups and Load Balancer

Deploy and Configure Network load Balancer and perform load balancing

Simulate Network Load balancing Scenarios

Deploy and configure Application Load Balancing

Simulate Path-Based Load Balancing using multi-target groups

SSL Certificate configuration using AWS Certificate Manager and 3rd party Certificate Authority

Integrating NLB and ALB with Route53 Zones

Module 10:

Introduction to EC2 Auto Scaling

Creating Custom AMI for Auto Scaling

Creating Launch Configuration and Auto Scaling Groups

Deploy the machines behind NLB and perform CPU stress testing

Simulate Auto Scaling Scenarios

Module 11:

Introduction to AWS Systems Manager

Using SSM RUN command for EC2 configuration Management

Using SSM session manager for EC2 console access

Overview on SSM Patching and Automation

Module 12:

Introduction to AWS Simple Storage Service(S3)

Creating S3 buckets, versioning static hosting and log configuration

Creating bucket policies for granular S3 item access

Creating Bucket wide replication and Life Cycle policies

Introduction to Elastic file System (EFS)

Creating EFS between AZs and testing data consistency

Modules 13:

Introduction Databases and SQL vs NoSQL

Deploy MySQL RDS Multi-AZ Database

Create a new DB on RDS and alter the data

Perform Failover and Failback of RDS Database

Introduction to DynamoDB
Create a Serverless application using dynamoDB, API Gateway & AWS Lambda

Introduction to AWS Redshift

Create RedShift Cluster and upload data, query the data

Introduction to ElasticCache

Module 14:

Introduction Cloudwatch, Dashboards, Alarms

Cloud Watch Logs and Schedules with lambda

Infra as a Code(IaaC) with Cloudformation and version with GitHub

AWS AP & Resource audit with Cloud Trial & AWS Config.

automation with OpsWorks and Automated deployment with Aws Elastic BeanStalk

Working with Trusted Advisior, Service Catalog, License Manager & Personal health Dashboard

Module 15:

Introduction to AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management)

Creating Users, Roles, Groups and Security Policies

Restricting User Access and Cross Account Roles

Deploy AWS AD Directory Service, Create AWS Organization

integration AWS active Directory Service with Single Sign On

Introduction to AWS Resource Access manager(RAM), Inspector and Guard Duty

Understanding Cognito, KMS, Macie, CloudHSM & WAF.

Module 16:

Introduction AWS Certificate manager

Creating SSL Certificates in ACM and Importing 3rd Party certificates with ACM

Create Route 53 domain and Application Load Balancer

Import SSL Certificates to Load Balancer and convert HTTP to HTTPS

Configuring Route53 Failover Policies

Introduction to CloudFront

Configuring S3 Static Website with CloudFront

Introduction to AWS Direct Connect and Global Accelerator

Module 17:

Introduction to Container Services

Installing and Configuring Docker

Understand Docker Hub and download images

Creating containers and Docker pushing images to Docker Hub

Introduction to ECR and ECS

Creating a repository in ECR and uploading the images

Create  ECS Cluster with EC2 Machines

Creating Task definitions for deploying containers

Deploy Tasks and Services on ECS Cluster

Module 18:

AWS Migration Overview

Deploying AWS Service Migration Service

Integrate SMS with VMware vSphere environment

Create replication job for copying On-prem machine to AWS

Introduction to Database Migration Service (DMS)

Overview of migration a MySQL to RDS using DMS

Introduction of AWS Migration Hub

Module 19:

Introduction to AWS devoloper Tools

Create code repository and version control with CodeCommit

Understanding AWS CodeBuild

Building the Code from CodeCommit to WAR file using Code Build

Deploying Code with AWS Code Deploy

Creating Code Pipelines and integrating with GitHub

understanding the CI/CD process

Introduction to SNS/SES/SQS & Step Functions

Module 20:

Introduction to Automation & configuration Tools

Introduction to Terraform

understanding Terraform Vs CloudFormation

Deploying and Destroying AWS environment with Terraform

Introduction to Packer

Module 21:

Introduction to Ansible & Puppet Configuration Tools

Installing Ansible and run Ad-Hoc Commands

Creating a Playbook and executing it

Installing Puppet master and client

Creating manifest for user creation and testing it

Module 22:

Overview of AWS Data Analytics

Understanding EMR, CloudSearch, ElasticSearch

Understanding ETL on Athena & Glue

Module 23:

Understanding AWS Lambda

Creating functions using Python in Lambda and understanding contexts and events

Introduction to Boto Library and integration with Lambda

Integrating AWS Lambda with other AWS Service

Module 24:

Day-to-Day Activities of AWS Admin

AWS Environment Security Best Practice

AWS project explanation.



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